How to do See through clothes In Photoshop

Requirements - See through feature

How to do see-through clothes in Photoshop is a technique to make a brilliant artistic image editing process at an advanced level. The art of turning a subject’s clothes transparent from any woman or man’s body. Skill  Photo editors can disclose the background behind the subject by doing this. I am sure you will learn a new thing in your life. Lets enjoy and learn 


The see-through dress in Photoshop is unique and looks very attractive to a person who is not so conscious of Photoshop tricks. I am here to show the interesting tutorial step by step to learn a very simple way in a couple of minutes. Check the video in attention.


Check the video and get step details 




What is X-RAY editing?


X-Ray in Photoshop means an image manipulation technique that allows having x-ray see through clothes pictures funnily. X-ray effect Photoshop is made to make X-Ray photos revealing all hidden layers in detail it also helps to make photos popular. This effect should be visible on the level of pixel to decline a layer like clothing within the photo to shine through the hidden details.


 The process of seeing through the clothes is a highly artistic Photoshop technique for making excellent photographs, this scale is related to model photography and photo editing services. Using this way, editors can disclose the hidden layer behind the subject. It looks spectacular to people who are unfamiliar with Photoshop techniques. In this tutorial, you will learn how to see through the clothes in Photoshop.


Transferring a layer within the picture light clothes, it should be done directly on the pixel level to bring out the hidden features below. Details will make you understand the Process of seeing the clothes in Photoshop.


Step 1: Select a Picture


Step #1 Select a Picture


For doing this, select an image of a model with a light-colored, clear type of dress. Some better images You can find. So, you should not think that it cannot have a pick-up right away. This picture is a nice example of our test subject.


An image of a model is a perfect photo for seeing through clothes in Photoshop. This makes the processes easier to complete. But, if you have an image of dark color, you need more effort and exercise. It is better to start with an image of light clothes.


Step 2: Open the Picture in Photoshop


Opening your picture that you want to apply the technique, start your editing. You can start this program by selecting the file from the top navigation bar, or you just press Ctrl+O. Then, the expected image will be shown on your screen very quickly.

Step 3: Select the clothes area


Step 3 :Select the Clothes Area


Let a part create all the clothes that you want to see by the pen tool; it may be any portion of the body. You can also remove the background using Pen Tool, Magic Wand Tool, and so on. After creating the path, Press Ctrl+Enter for selecting the created path. If you want to use the Lasso Tool, press L from the keyboard to activate the lasso tool. 


Step 4: Edge Selection


Step #4 Refine Edge of the Selection


When selection is done, press Ctrl+Alt+R on the keyboard and select the mask option. Now, it’s time to adjust the edges of the selection. A Marquee, the magic wand, or Lasso Tool can be used here. After selecting in marking and will be seen around the area. To refine the edge window, select and choose to refine it by clicking on the right of the mouse. From the Adjustment Layer, go to Level.


Step 5: Do copy selected area 


Step 5 Copy the Selected area.


You can modify the region to make the clothes seem clear. You should build a new layer for working within the following step of the X-ray procedure. Here, you should copy the selected portion of the clothes area. For this job, Press Ctrl+J. Once copying is done, the layer will select the dress layer selected path. It will make a new layer, cutting out the dress.


Step 6: Adjustment of the Clothes area


It is time to adjust for the clothes layer. After altering the clothing layers, other parts of an image main look odd. For making the final pinch To the image to the balance of brightness contrast and any other factors, it is the best idea to adjust the clothes’ area. This effect improves the completed product. For adjustment, follow the below steps.


Step :6 Adjust the Clothes area.


  • Click on the adjustment layer
  •  Select the area
  •  Keep pressing the Alt button, click on the dress at the time of moving on the adjustment layer.
  •  For finding out the desired output, adjust the RGB.

After this, only the dress part will be changed. To see, the change moves the slide around.


Step 7: Brightness


tep :7 Finalize the image.


Do a final adjustment for the perfect output. For turning the rough edge to the soft edge around the dress, move the feather slider, And TV finds the difference. It’s the final result. Works to be done in the final steps are: 


  • Selection of Dress Layer.
  • Click on the adjustment layer of Sun
  • select brightness and contrast
  • decrease the contrast
  • if needed, increase the brightness

This time, see-through clothes in Photoshop are completed, and the final image is given below.




Photoshop generally makes an x-ray effect for seeing through the clothes in Photoshop, is for creating,  providing entertainment photos, generating unusual and thought-provoking changes. You will be able to understand the many uses of the Photoshop tool using the method described above.


All these techniques will help you to create a beautiful looking for the selected image. Photoshop is always ready to be your companion to make you learn more about such excellent editing practice knowledge. Way of only a few simple steps may be learned in a matter of a few hours.


So, learning to “See Through the Clothes in Photoshop” is necessary for the photo editors to depict the hidden layers of the photo.


Importance of photo X-ray


It is an important imaging test used for decades and so this effect can help to view the inside of a body without making an incision. Diagnosis monitoring and treating many medical conditions can be done by this technique. It varies from purpose to purpose.


Can we remove clothes in Photoshop?


It is possible to remove clothes in Photoshop. Photo Editor Cloth Remover is free which can remove any piece of dress from the body like bra, bikini, or pants. It just needs 1 click permit, In this case, it will be compatible with Android devices only. Just upload his or her photo, and activate the scanner to remove clothes from it. 


Is there App for iPhone What Can Create See Through Clothes?


There are many See Through Clothes apps in the Global online era. And they are: You can search on Google, gets lots and use that you feel comfortable. Could you advise and give feedback to me? Did you learn it from here? You are kept silent. I know the answer. No, in an internal selects mind answer. Not for all. Few of them. It is an advanced-level idea. If you do it 10 times, read and watch the video, then you can.

Don’t worry, and it is not for all. however, let’s learn more


X-ray Cloth Scanner Simulator

It is an interesting app to play with and a great way to prank a close friend.


X-ray Ghost Scanner

It is one of the best See Through Clothes Apps but  It provides full-body scans. 


Body Scanner

It is the top app of See Through Cloth App. Furthermore, it is free to download. Besides, it provides a realistic-looking picture


X-Ray Full-Body Simulator

Like others, it is also an app for See-through Clothes but It shows as well as it is similar to the original one.


Super X-ray Camera

It will scan in the form of a real video.