10 Tips on Color Correction services – Make your image beauty

10 Tips on Color Correction services

Color correction Services is the process of creating good exposure to images and adjusting the clips you shot to get it. You can do this by balancing the light in the shot. The work of color correction has nothing to do with color. It further enhances the relationship by adjusting the exposure and light levels to achieve a balanced shot with mostly natural colors.


Color correction Services and grading are made between them in such a way that it looks like it is their own art form. Just as it takes an editor many years and a lot of experience to master their craft, in the same way, it is presented as true for a racist.


In fact, Color correction Services is just a process of playing with colors to correct a wrong image, it is used to perfect an incomplete image in Photoshop related to color problems. During photo shooting, there may be a lack of light, improper vision, and atmosphere, an error in the camera setting, etc. which results in incomplete images. So here, color correction of these incomplete images is called photo color correction services. The task in color correction comes after the photo cooling that you are working within a photography genre. Due to which the full potential of your images can be reached through smart color correction.


Photo color correction services for photographers who need a quick turnaround and high-quality services to make the image more attractive. If you don’t have time to adjust the shadows, tones, white balance, and other color settings of your photos, Photolixa will take care of your needs quickly and efficiently.

How to color corrections a simple step by step guide


Step 1: Open the desired image in Photoshop Ctrl+O


10 Tips on Color Correction services


Step 2: Click on Image Menu and select Adjustment. Then select Hue/Saturation. You can use the shortcut Ctrl+U. A popup window will appear instantly.


10 Tips on Color Correction services


Step 3: Please use the different ideas and preset from the preset menu.


10 Tips on Color Correction services


Step 4: Placed your Creativity and apply  Hue, Saturation, and Lightness manually.


10 Tips on Color Correction services


Step 5:  As you love the color and picker to pick individual colors from the image. The best is that change their hue as well as saturation individually.


10 Tips on Color Correction services


The preview window will help you by showing real-time change by moving the cursor and changing the values of each function.


Step 6: Hit Ctrl+M. A popup window named “Curves” will appear. Change the look which is needed for you you of a color, shadow, brightness by customizing the curves.


10 Tips on Color Correction services


Step 7: Yes good time to Now save the changes. Go to File Menu and then save as your needed format mli9ke JPF PNG And PSD whatever you need. Use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+S.


10 Tips on Color Correction services


Check out the video How to do color corrections



What is Color Correction Photography?


A natural color photo contains multiple elements such as absolute coloring, photographic tones, white balance adjustment, and color correction. However, to get good results, photography skills and photo editing experience are very much needed.


On the other hand, Color correction Services means the initial treatment of an image to create the most beautiful image by adopting large corrections by preventing contrast and the correct balance of white color, good exposure, highlighting, and noise.

Color Grading


Color grading is a process of making creative choices to enhance a story or enhance your footage to convey a certain feeling or emotion to your audience.


A color grading can involve Color correction Services by adjusting the layers of light, but it can also integrate the actual color of the shot in general. The most common color grading can add or subtract a certain color to a shot or add a color that is not too obvious in raw footage.


So color grading is the creative process where the decision is made to enhance or place a new visual tone in the project through the software including introducing new color themes, re-illumination within a frame, imitation of film stock, color gradients, and many other choices. There’s nothing wrong or right about it being perfectly creative, just think DP, director, and colorist for the story.


10 Tips on Color Correction services

Helpful Tips on Color correction Services For Make Your Image Beauty


At this stage, Photolixa will share some tips with you. Undoubtedly, it will increase your knowledge and most importantly play a critical role in enhancing your skills.


A professional photographer encounters some common and some complex problems while taking pictures and is under the misconception that no matter how bad it may be, he can fix it using photo editing software which is not true and thus destroys the natural color of the original photo.


To recover from this type of problem, we will give you some tips, follow the ten principles of a perfect click and you will be able to solve the problem of fixing the color of your photo yourself.


1. Start thinking about your Color setting


The part of setting yourself up for proper Color correction Services in an image is to make sure your camera is configured correctly. Remember that in addition to exposing your image properly, you need to shoot with a flat-colored profile. This creates an image with the slightest in-camera color possible which means it gives you more latitude to work with the image in the post.


It may seem simple or easy to record using the normal or default color profile but avoid it as much as possible. There are some situations where we really want to take the footage from the camera and make it look semi-beautiful in the beginning, but 99 percent of the time we record with a flat image profile.


2. Color Balance in Camera


First, you must adjust the color of your camera before taking pictures. Currently, most photographers use gray cards to balance color or white. It is designed to adjust the exposure and color balance through the points of a particular image.


Any photographer can use the gray card features during the photoshoot because these features automatically restore color adjustments to your camera’s images, and this feature is available in a camera’s custom settings.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. Now we want to show you a description of the custom setting features used during photography. Let’s see.


10 Tips on Color Correction services

3. Different Custom Setting Features of a Camera:


White Balance: Through this process, the camera independently balances the white color as normally needed. You will see a Kelvin scale that is very useful for maintaining the color temperature balance. The Kelvin scale is a powerful and much-needed technique for creating the right white color balance.


White Balance Shift: The photographer finds it difficult to cut an image In a very embarrassing environment. The white balance shift then allows the camera to return to normal or natural vision by overcoming harsh conditions.


4. Camera with Picture Setting:


A camera has a profile picture setting where you can change the sharpness, contrast, color tone, saturation, etc. Those tips should be taken seriously by any photographer. However, these color balance tips are not very advanced, as several advanced software is available to create a visually pleasing image.


But Photolixa thinks that software is also important for maintaining the color balance of an image and a photographer should focus on the basic tips for color balance through different software. Now we are going to share with you some of the great color balance tips in Photoshop in detail.


10 Tips on Color Correction services

4. Shoot balance


Note that these ten features of our discussion are available in a combination tool in a camera. So, those things should be corrected when capturing any photo of a photographer. On the other hand, without using those techniques properly, a photographer will not be able to take any real picture that will enhance the brightness of that image. It depends a lot on your photography experience. An experienced good photographer can perform this process to correct any photo editor color on a special note.

6. Color Balance with software.


Color balance in-camera software is very important for photography. color balance is a combination of manual and technical techniques because that is why any photographer should take the opportunity with the help of nature and then use the software to create the right color harmony.


In this section, we will share some tips on how to maintain color balance in the camera while taking a picture. Also, we will share with you some tips on color balance when editing an image using different software.


7. Color Enhancement


When a photographer takes a picture in an unusual situation with a low or medium quality camera, the picture may not meet their desired requirements. In that case, the photographer must use the color correction process through Photoshop. In this function of the camera, we are going to explain how to do the color correction process in Photoshop. After you open an image in Photoshop, go to Curve Adjustment Layer or Layer Adjustment Layer. Both adjustment levels have an auto button. Use the auto button; you will see that Photoshop will make the initial adjustment of this photo. In fact, there are many more functions in Photoshop for color enhancement or adjustment.


10 Tips on Color Correction services

8. Adjustment Brush


When you find any limitations using Hugh. Then you will apply the lightroom brush tool for color grading. The brush tool is an independent and good way to change the color grading of any part of the image so you will have complete freedom to adjust the color without any color limitation. With more effective features of this zoom-in, zoom out, exposure, contrast, highlight, shadow, etc. of the camera, it will help you to highlight the details of each field, which means you can affect so many different things with the help of brush tools.


9. Set up Black, White, and Grey Point in-camera setting


First select an image from your desktop, what you actually want to open,  it using Photoshop software go to the adjustment level, and click on the edge of the camera.  you will find an adjustment slider at the threshold to move the point from the white area to the black area. After this action, close the eye icon from the marginal layer to reveal the actual color of use of an image and try to adjust further. Now you should turn on the visibility of the layer. Go to the color simplification level if you want to observe in more detail.


Now, after completing this step, go for the curved icon from the adjustment level. you will find three simplifying eye droppers In the curved dialog box that indicate black point, gray and white point. Start setting up a black point from these three points.


10 Tips on Color Correction services

10. HSL Panel


This is the most effective feature of the lightroom. With this HSL panel of the camera, you can change three things from a whole picture. HSL stands for Hugh, Saturation, and Luminance. Basically, to go to the HSL feature, you also need to right-click a basic button to select a single mode.


Now press that mode and tap to scroll down to find the HSL feature, Where you will see three different options individually.

Now you can change the color of an image by choosing your defined field, but only if you use a targeted adjustment tool that will make it easier to change the color of your grading.


10 Tips on Color Correction services


In this world of glamor, Color correction Services play a big role in confidence and success. We have discussed some great things in this content for color correction. Models for color correction appear in photo shoots with maximum make-up and glamor. However, imperfect images are captured for faulty camera settings, illumination, and more. To make these images usable, any photographer needs to have a color correction in Photoshop.


We hope that these 10 tips will help you in your photography work for Color correction Services. If so, please let us know, or if you know someone who might benefit from it, please share it with them. If you would like to see more of our posts like this, please visit our site and let us know or mail us what you would like to see in the future. We will cooperate with you.