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We do all images editing clipping path to high end editing for all kinds of Volume. Determined you need Photo editing than send us email or get a quote only two images we will edit and send back to you for quality and sample check,. I e are sure it will excellent and make you happy. after confirm everything we work and send back you soon.

Product Photo Editing Services

Photolixa is a professional Photo editing service provider, Do you  need to save money and fast TAT with outsourcing the best quality within the budget. We offer you a quick turn around time delivery for high to small volume. 100% commitment with high-end quality is our ambition to make satisfaction

Our offer Image editing service cover to eCommerce business owner and Photography pack-shot company include all photographers.

We do all Photo Retouching in a quick time solution in a deadline.

Highly recommend getting the free trial. Send us your sample images to . It is totally free of cost for editing service test.

Clipping Path

Clipping Path is the Photoshop technical term used for clipping path around the product and cutting to the white product from unwanted objects. The technique is pen tools used in different angles, in the depth of improving Photos value. The reason for Background removal, we want to see the white background on the website. Most eCommerce business owners need this clipping path service to make appealing products to upload to the website for more sales. Photolixa, we can help you from the high editing pressure risk in a couple of hours to deliver large volume images processing to raw images to clipping path services within clients deadline. Send us: your any running project sample images for a free trial and get a quote to check our quality, price and TAT. We specialize for Clipping Path service. It is easy to practice delivery the high volume images for daily based post-production.

Remove BG

Remove BG is called Background Removal services. It is all about to remove BG from any unexpected Object from photography. If you need any Remove background service just send us email or get a quote. Basically everybody need background Removal Service for remove the background from images. So if you feel like this professional Graphic designer are ready to help you . Please send us your images to us we send you back in couple of hours with price. Quality is the major issue for remove background services. Some times edge of the product is not match for smooth. we have special together team whoa re busy with Two times check the quality assurance for each project. is one of the large volume editing service provider for help you the problem. Please chat with us for 24/7 is open for you. Price is the important for this competitor marketplace. We have expert dedicated Clients Service team for individual clients

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching service is one of the very Popular in the market for Photographer and eCommerce owner. When you are fashion cloth sold business store eCommerce store owner. You need to upload photos for sell. without retouching and editing your background and cloths you can not do this. All of your customer demand to see the beautiful model with dress. We are ready to help you for the way of outsourcing 24/7 with large team for large volume. Sometime Photographers have not time to retouching the product photo removing and retouching background lights and unexpected object. Clients are always pushing for completed delivery, inordinately you need help from us for overnight editing all the images. Photolixa help you low price with excellent high end quality to make you happy and save time and money. Could you please send us few iamges to check our quality to now.

Photo Masking

Photo Masking is the meaning of hair masking for Model and product. It is not including for model only but also product or masking alpha Chanel sometimes very supported this technique. Photolixa is best for images masking. So do not hesitated just send us couple of images for test and get a free trial to check our quality and AT. We edited your test images and returned you in couple of hours. This is the practical sense to realize the perspective of sleeted a photo editing partner for long time based. We maintain and believe the long term partner. Any Product need masking when you will see normal basic path does not cover the quality than need the masking service. Quality masking is main issue to increase the brand quality and sales the product. Replaced the difference background the masking is highly ended to high quality edge smooth.

eCommerce Photo

The impressive and appealing images are making sales for any eCommerce online shop. This is a very simple and very important issue in growing up business. To give 100% attention to the product, we design the eCommerce Photo editing service team to develop their brain on this strategic concept - see the customer eye the product while editing. The main target is attractive and makes smiles to potential buyers. Photolixa, we have experienced designers and well trained to handle a large volume images editing capacity at 24/7. We are still working with some well-branded companies in a giant global online market palace. We used to edit Furniture, table char, clothing, apparel sectors, accessory, model, any product etc. you will get the benefits offered with high accuracy. The very competitive cost prices in the crowded market.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin means as neck join. But is also removing the dummy or ghost only. Basically it is an service for clothing product to editing an professional sale-able product ready to lockable nice to customers eyes. This is simple and easy to join garments product. a lots of undergarments need the both part focused. it is the high time to show beautiful product display by editing and retouching the product. Photolixa, is here to serve your solution and photographers agency can get the services for long term from us. Maximum small company can not give you high volume and good quality services basically round the worldwide. So we assurance a excellent expert quality for you. Could you please send us to : for one images to check our quality with low price quote in a hour. We happy to assist you

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