Clipping Path Service


Clipping Path service covered removing unwanted objects from an image. It is also used for all Photo editing services. We use the handmade Photoshop clipping path. Clipping path only means the original background and clipping to white means the original background cut to white background.


Cut to white is another name for the clipping path. Why clipping path services are very popular. Only one reason, clipping around the product is also known to be web optimized for saleable product photos. We have experienced clipping a long path to executive your jobs quickly with accurate paths.


If you need the clipping path services make sure you need clearly understand the service categories. Which is the service you need mainly.


We do not have much time to analyze. Normally please send us to:  your two images to check the quality and get a free trial. We will send you back soon a price quote. Make sure the instructions you send are perfect.

Image Clipping path in Photoshop for large volume


We must do all images clipping Path Photoshop. Our Photoshop experts are ready to do your large volume images in 24 hours delivery. Photolixa has a Multi-path service for your product to help your color change. Try us today to get a free trial.

If You are very serious to outsource, Go to the website: and detail the service categories and contact us, If you have more details talk please chat with us to know any details. Clipping path is the dream term for photographers who have a large volume of photoshoots every day.

Clipping path is the basic and main term for all editing actions. Whatever image editing you need you need to do the clipping image at the beginning stage. is a super fast Photoshop editor for quick turnaround and on-time delivery in 24 hours. It is Photoshop tech, we use the Pen Tool to do the accurate clipping path service with hand-made by 300% zoom.


Clipping path service

Basic Clipping Path Service


A basic clipping path is a super easy clipping path. We apply the Pen tool to do the path all around the product Photo or object which we need to remove. Basically, it covers easy images such as Photo Frame. When we see images that have no holes and need a very short time. We measure this as a very simple category. We know it is simple like in details example ball, spoon, mobile phone, Monitor, framed art, plate, ring, egg, book, and so more, etc.

Medium Clipping Path Service


The Medium Clipping path service is more difficult than simple category jobs. It is just a bit complex. We can find some images that have a small hole and take time rather than more simple photos. Sometimes customers do not understand the complicity. we charge a little bit more for this category. Check the list of your images such as shoes, watches, motor parts, rings, pair of shoes, and so more, etc.

Complex Clipping Path Service


It is rather complex than medium images. We need more time here for the clipping path service. Sometimes we count as a few jobs like Multi-path. Product images such as necklaces, chains, curve chairs, furniture, bracelets, furry doll jewelry, and so more, etc. These are examples that we categorize as the complex clipping path, make sure it takes more than 30 minutes more time for do a path.

Super Complex Clipping Path


We know complex and super complex means harder than complexity. Most of the fields are critical to understanding the path level. and a lot of wholes are found in the product images. Sometimes we may find the Jewelry which is better much harder than the normal path. and sometimes we get the net which has so much complexity and some dress has to find a lot a small whole and carve all round the product we take a lot of time more than 3 – five hours and multi-path images need at least 8 hours. We mean this is also the super complexity of your images we charge to take more value of price and quality. Very few expert teams are available to do this sort of job.

How we do the quality Control


We do this at the beginning step of production. After that, we do the QC twice. This means our 1st QC will check all the projects one by one to check the quality and ensure all are correct. After that, the QC manager will check by applying Javascript or manually QC. when we get the green signal for the project.


Clipping path service to white background


We send Clipping Path service to the Clients, after twice QC we make sure that all our final checks are approved by the manager and we send them to clients via our dedicated Customer service team. Photolixa has a dedicated customer team who are 24/7 service for getting any query and solving it too quickly. We do not miss and drop any quality anymore. Quality is our main stretch to make us happy with our existing clients.

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