How to do bullet points in photoshop 2022

How to do bullet points in Photoshop

How to do bullet points in Photoshop, all Photographers and photoshop learners need to know it. I am trying to focus on how you can learn it with very simple steps. Let’s learn it.

We can add them in different ways.

Adding bullet points to place before the text can be useful and helpful, especially if you are creating content that contains a large portion of the message.

Before starting, make sure that we have a document to work in. 

Let’s do: Check the video tutorial 


Here is the step. It will help to practical step to simple easy lean. Try it and practice 10 times.



Step 1: Open artwork 


1 open the artwork


To create a new document, you can click on File> Open and select artwork size or custom size. 

We will certainly begin with one of the most user-friendly methods. 


Step 2: Take the Type Tool 


select type tool


Now go to the left side of photoshop, you will see the tools box. Find the T tool for writing something. And then drag on the artwork. You will see text on there. Now is a good time to text, copy and paste from word files or write your sentence. 

One way to do this is by utilizing the keyboard shortcut faster: Alt + 0 + 1 + 

4 + 9 (Win), or Option Choice Alternative + 8 (Mac). Doing this may mechanically instantly add a bullet value to point the text message held in Photoshop!


Step 3: Make Use Of the Font Style Wingdings


drag the tool


After text place, see the top bar front type box and select the font you like. Normally you will get the default font that is not attractive and professional; however, you can use it now.

If you want to check or need advanced, then download your font online by google search; a lot is there.


Step 4: Take bullet point


bullet tool


Great, now the final point we want to show, you want to learn, How to do bullet points in photoshop. 

Go to Type > Panel> glyphs Panel. After clicking, you will check the box. Are there a lot of symbolic forms available? It is very simple to find your design with one bullet point. Go down by cursor and find the butler in a small black circle. And click on it, and it will automatically place your cursor in before the text.


5 Bullet Box


If you would like to avoid wasting lots of lots of time, then you’ll copy one in each of the next bullet points and paste it into your text box.


Put the bullet


In advance: To get started, find your system tray and search for “Character Map.” Then, click on the result that seems and choose the character you would like to use as a bullet within the gap window. 


Step 5: Paragraph fix-up. 


Paragraph fix box


Go to type – Panels – Paragraph panel. After clicking, you will get a box. Here change your paragraph style and sentence space, and more. Just try all steps to apply your practice and apply.


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