What is Photoshop clipping paths service?

Photoshop clipping path service

The Photoshop clipping paths service is the first step in separating the original image or thing from an image. This helps to present only one image by removing unnecessary things and backgrounds. The main purpose of the Photoshop Clipping Path service is to present the image to the desired goal using the pen tool feature of the Photoshop software for color correction, graphic content, and clipping using a beautiful environment.


Why are clipping paths used for e-commerce?


People are now feeling more comfortable shopping online. This is making people more motivated because they can now buy everything they need at home through easy online access. In this way, they can buy the item of their choice by verifying it through various e-commerce sites online. For this reason, various small and large industrial companies have become dependent on e-commerce sites to sell their products. To sell your product very fast, you need to take the help of a good quality clipping Path Company.




We can assist you with this task. Because our reliable and professional team is always ready for your production. Before that, you need to consider why you are accepting our service? The success of your business depends heavily on the services of a good and reliable clipping path company.


Photoshop clipping path service

How to remove background through clipping path service?


When we hire our team to remove a background from an image, they present it to the customer with an aesthetic change. They use Photoshop’s imaging software to remove the main subject of the visual and cut or delete the background of the image.


Clipping service technology is used to remove the background from any image. You will see many high-quality Photoshop clipping path companies around you who claim to be the best. But our experienced professional workers are considered as the best among the clients through their skillful work. This is what makes us different from other Photoshop clipping path companies.


So keep in mind that only the best expert service providers can provide sophisticated and good quality photo editing services through their working experience. They are committed to fulfilling the goals of bringing personal and commercial purposes to your organization.


What is the purpose of the clipping path service?


The Photoshop Clipping Path service is primarily for e-commerce businesses, modeling agencies, various websites, photographers, and anyone else doing their own thing. The clipping path service varies from time to time to increase the type of work and business sales.


Different companies or salespeople use the Photoshop Clipping Paths service as an ideal photo ad for their products to attract the attention of their customers. For this reason, the unnecessary and erroneous, or confusing background of the image is removed and the original image is beautifully displayed to attract the attention of the customer. This is why it is so important for every online-based eCommerce merchant to optimize their core image to achieve their core goals.


All the clipping path services that ”Photolixa” performs for product images.


  •      3 to 5 Hour delivery
  •      Basic Clipping Path Service
  •      Multiple clipping path services
  •      Include natural shades
  •      Complex Clipping Path Service
  •      High volume images for daily based post-production service
  •      Intuitive online interface
  •      Best time to Get Free Trial

E-commerce site merchants publish life-live realistic images for advertising to make their business longer. For this reason, they use the Clipping Path service to express the image in a way that presents the color, dimensions, and background of the product. As a result, the customer can get an idea by looking at all the facts together through the image. Although it reduces costs and takes time.


What are the benefits a client gets through the clipping paths service?

Different companies offer innumerable benefits to their customers to fulfill their main goals. Photoshop clipping path service companies always focus on the core of their client’s business. Different clients benefit in many ways from all these companies through cutout services.

Reduces costs:


Usually, there is an influential cost problem if you want to take services through various reputed and expensive companies. Although it depends on the needs of the business community. Anyone can reduce this cost by hiring an outsourcing company.


If you want to reduce costs, you can work through outsourcing agencies in developing countries. But the work should be done through a good quality company thinking about the quality and reputation of the employees.




The second important thing is to save time. For a business, they measure their time with money because they value time a lot. For this reason, a client saves both time and money by working through an outsourcing company. It is a good idea to hire experts from organizations whose work is done periodically.


Different organizations have different types of work. The installation costs of different models, garments, and high-quality companies tend to be high which is not time-consuming for many. However, the quality of your work depends on how much you spend.


Five easy steps to create an eCommerce product image through Photoshop Clipping Path


We will show you five easy steps to create an eCommerce product image editing through Photoshop Clipping Path. With this helpful technique, you can easily create an image clipping path in 5 to 10 minutes.

Step: 1 Select picture


First, open Photoshop and select a picture. Enter the Photoshop menu bar option and click on the Open option.

After doing this you will see a dialog box. Now you can browse as you wish and select the image you want to select in Photoshop. Now select the image and open it.


Photoshop clipping path service

Step: 2 Select Pen Tool Option


You can now see many icons on the left side of Photoshop. You can make as many edits as you like with the tools of these icons. You will see an icon called Pen Tool in these tools now select it and click.


Photoshop clipping path service        

Now after clicking it your step will be completed. This way you can outline the contents of your selected image using the Pen tool.


Step: 3 Create New Path Layer


From here, you will see a large box at the bottom right of the Photoshop screen. From here, create a new path by clicking under the Levels option.


Photoshop clipping path service


You will see the box automatically after creating it. If for some reason you can’t find it to create or select, you can select the ‘Path’ by selecting the ‘Windows’ option from the menu bar.


Step: 4 Make Clipping Path

Now, you can see here that the moment has been presented. Now choose very carefully from here and take good care of the details. Zoom in to get the perfect picture curves. So that every moment of the image comes beautifully.


The clipping path will be a vector shape whenever you create it, so the outlines need to be completely closed and connected when connecting your path.

Photoshop clipping path service

Step: 5 Feather & solid color layer selection

Now use 0.5 pixels for smooth edges from here. You can do this very easily through shortcuts like Shift + F6 to select automatic ‘feathers’.


You need to select a solid color from here according to your needs. Now go to the menu bar to save your photoshop clipping paths file to complete your list of steps and click on the save option. In the blink of an eye, your Photoshop clipping path file was created.


Photoshop clipping path service

How do Photolixa does clipping paths ‍service their customer?


We provide clipping path editing according to customer demand and also do a manual photo clipping path. At present we have more than one hundred skilled and trained employees out of which 3 production units work a 24/7 hours roster. Our value intent is to make clients credible on the quality of our work. We provide more than 10-15 edited images every 24 hours depending on the needs of the customers. When you think of turnaround time, we are more reliable and faster than others. We are committed to providing you with good quality work because your satisfaction is our asset.


Which country you are a client of is not the main issue for us? The quality of our work will reveal to us that every client is our soul. Our skilled and well-trained team members are ready to provide 24/7 hour service for you.